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This tonic drink made of wine and coca leaves was born in 1863 in Bastia and was invented by Angelo Mariani, a pharmacy assistant. 
Fascinated by the coca plant and its virtues, he goes to Paris to continue his work. He will cultivate it under greenhouse in 10 - 12, rue de Chartres in Neuilly-sur-Seine and will make it infuse in wine...
Its beneficial preparation did not take long to have an effect: at that time, this wine was prescribed as a medicine by doctors to fight against flu, nervous diseases, anemia and impotence.
It became even more famous in the United States than in Europe and went around the world!
In view of this success Angelo Mariani opens offices in London, New York and Montreal.
He experimented in his greenhouses with new techniques of plant improvement and acclimatization and published his studies in medical and pharmaceutical libraries in France and the United States.


Angelo Mariani receives multiple recognitions and illustrations from the best artists of the time that he records in fourteen albums. 
He also publishes testimonies of numerous personalities praising the benefits of his wine in newspapers and magazines. 
Among them we find presidents of the Republic, ministers, marshals and generals, popes, sovereigns, composers, artists and actors, sculptors, painters and writers.

In homage to Angelo Mariani, this great benefactor, patron and philanthropist,the house revives its famous coca wine with a decocainized plant whose benefits are preserved .
You will be able to taste and appreciate it, in a genuine collection bottle dating from the 19th century, in limited edition!
Discover some articles published in the newspapers of the time as well as some testimonies from his albums:
- His Majesty Alfonso XII, King of Spain
coca mariani

Mr. Mariani -


Gratitude, for our wounded; thank you for your generous and cordial sending.

- S. A. I. Princess Marie Bonaparte
- S. A. R. Princess Georges of Greece
- S. S. Pope Benedict XV

Gold medal sent by - S. S. Pope Leo XIII to Mr. Mariani.

- Her Majesty the Queen of Portugal

I thank Mr. Mariani on behalf of my patients for the generous offering of his excellent wine.


- Grand Duchess Wladimir of Russia
coca mariani usa pape
- U.S. President McKinley
- S. S. Pope Leo XIII
- The French President, Félix Faure
- His Majesty Oscar II, King of Sweden and Norway
- S. A. S. Albert 1st, Prince of Monaco
- His Excellency Figueroa Alcorta, President of the Argentine Republic
coca mariani pape


But, since a single bottle of the extraordinary wine of Coca Mariani is enough to assure you a hundred years of existence, I will have to live until 2700!... Finally, I resign myself!


Yours sincerely


- Jules Vernes

Dear Mr. Mariani,


Your Coke wine strengthens as much as your friendship comforts.

You are both goodness itself


- The Light Brothers
- Emile Zola
- Sir Augustus Harris
- Thomas Edison

Our Mariani's


Of all the wines I have tasted, I find the Mariani to be the most delicious and invigorating, and it is no wonder that all wine lovers appreciate it so much.


- The Minister of China in Paris
- William McKinley

A glass of Mariani - or two, - or three .

We would feel like women if we didn't!


- Colette
- Roland Bonaparte