Mariani Tonic Wine

3 Reviews


Made with white wine and coca leaf extract from Bolivia – 50 cl


3 reviews for Vin Tonique Mariani

  1. jmfamily22

    An exceptional wine!
    I highly recommend the quality of the finished product: refreshing and invigorating, the coca leaf brings a sweet and pleasant bitterness to the mouth. The original shape of the bottle “replica of the one sold in 1863” can surprise you on your table! J.M.

  2. Brian Quass (verified owner)

    This is my favorite wine. As a tonic, it truly has the buoyant qualities attributed to it by Angelo Mariani himself in “Coca and Its Therapeutic Application.” It’s easy to see why the Peruvian Inca considered the coca leaf to be a kind of divinity.

  3. Borat

    VERY NICE !!!

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