Mariani Tonic Wine Collector Bottle
Unique ⎮ Precious ⎮Captivating 

Immerse yourself in ultimate luxury with our exceptional drink, numbered and limited to only 201 bottles worldwide.
Each bottle is carefully marked with its unique number, thus guaranteeing its authenticity and rare character.
This exquisite fusion of Bordeaux grand cru wine and carefully hand-selected Bolivian coca leaf extract offers you an unparalleled taste experience. Presented in a container dating from the 19th century, each bottle is a true jewel, testifying to its prestigious history and its ancestral packaging.
As a professional collector of rare products, this collectible bottle is a gem to add to your treasured collection. Immerse yourself in the captivating history of our brand, imbued with the know-how of the Coca Mariani House and the great mage Angelo Mariani.
Seize this unique opportunity to own a work of liquid art, created to amaze the senses of the most demanding connoisseurs. A limited number of people will be able to enjoy this unforgettable experience, so don't delay in becoming part of this elite.
Treat yourself to the privilege of tasting this exceptional drink, and create timeless memories around this rare work, the fruit of a passion devoted to the art of blending. Be part of history by becoming one of the rare owners of this taste treasure, and let yourself be enchanted by the exclusivity of our limited edition of 201 bottles.

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