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Coca leaves
Coca from Bolivia

The most pleasant of tonics

Prestigious " of renown "Our Mariani Wine is made from a succulent white wine where the subtle and delicate essence of the coca leaf and the kola nut is mixed.
It is unique in its kind because of its atypical taste and its pleasantly invigorating effect.
Mixed with still or sparkling water, it becomes an exquisite tonic and dehydrating drink.
It can be consumed at your convenience as an aperitif or digestive with or without ice.
Mariani cocktails with coca wine

A true & delicious elixir

For all kinds of cocktails... The most famous one called "the royal elixir", served with champagne shaken with a dose of Vin Mariani and a twist of lemon.
The tonic power of the wine combined with the exhilarating effects of the champagne makes it a detonating cocktail that makes it deliciously colorful and aromatic.

A legendary know-how

Mariani Tonic Wine with Bolivian coca has shared its legendary taste and know-how and made it a product in its own right. 
Reproduced with its original 50 cl container, contains 16% vol.
Improves with age...
Mariani Tonic Wine Glass from Coca Mariani on vintage wooden barrel.



Awarded to Coca Mariani for its Vin Tonique.



Gold Medal 2018 awarded to the House of Coca Mariani for its Mariani Tonic Wine
Poster Wine Mariani Coke 1863 the original recipe


From the Coca Mariani bottle, authenticated by the CAPSULE which must bear the signature of Mr. Mariani.
Coca Mariani bottle label

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